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If you have foot pain due to diabetes, heel pain, or are in need of foot surgery, Dr.David Mehl has been serving the queens area for over 30 years and has gained the trust of the community. As an experienced podiatrist, Dr. Mehl understands the best approaches to improve foot movement and function.

Enjoy your daily and extracurricular activities again – walking, running, biking – pain-free and unencumbered. Foot care is especially important for people with diabetes, because they are prone to poor blood circulation and nerve disease in the extremities. In addition, people with diabetes are likely to develop infections that often appear in the feet first.

Even small sores can turn into serious problems quickly. Any foot sore or callus should be checked by your diabetes podiatrist physician. Diabetics should never self treat any foot problems as this could lead to many complications. High Blood sugar can often lead to vascular & neurological issues affecting the lower extremities

This explains why you should pay attention to your feet if you have diabetes.


You’re more likely to have foot problems with diabetes because it can damage your nerves and reduce blood flow to your feet. The American Diabetes Association estimates that it’s the reason why one in five people with diabetes who seek hospital care do so.

You have to take care of your feet when you have diabetes!

Dr. Mehl will check yours thoroughly for problems. If you take good care of your feet, you can prevent more serious foot problems associated with diabetes.


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